Walden University Degree Programs

Earn Your Online Degree at Walden

Walden University is a student-centered, first-class example of an online college program that focuses on the needs of students seeking doctoral and master degrees. Walden allows students to earn their degree online in the comfort of their own home. Walden knows that for those seeking careers and business opportunities, knowledge is one of their most important skills. The degree programs designed at Walden help students gain the skills and experience needed to leave a strong impression on their lives in the future.

Walden provides immediate Internet access to all courses, library databases, academic records, curriculum guides, financial records and student services. Classes are asynchronous and start often allowing the students to log-in and do their schoolwork any time of day or night. Online dialogue is available via threads, so students can follow along with discussions if necessary. There is always an online concierge available for administrative and technical assistance as needed.

Student services and enrollment advisors are available to answer questions for prospective students as well as help with any tasks the student finds necessary for enrolling in Walden. To help with financial aid questions and financial aid programs, advisors are always available to help. The staff is available to discuss personal student finances and circumstances that relate to enrollment.

Walden students can take advantage of MobileLearn. Using this allows students to know when classes are cancelled, when an assignment is due and to have immediate access to any school related announcements. The online discussion board is a place for students to ask and answer questions. Using this online program, students can post and read threads from professors and other students. Students can view their grades on MobileLearn and interact with other classmates through blogs. MobileLearn helps students manage and track their tasks such as turning in a homework assignment, purchasing a textbook or picking up a midterm. Students have access to online music, images and videos uploaded by their instructors by using this software.

Studying online at Walden is an example of a top quality learning institute that provides students with wonderful opportunities for success. Walden not only expects its students to do well academically, but to use their newly learned skills in a practical and professional manner.