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The Benefits of an Online Curriculum

There has always been a debate over on-campus vs. online courses at the University of Massachusetts, but here are five benefits to choosing online courses. The University of Massachusetts is a fully accredited university that offers multiple locations throughout the state of Massachusetts. The school is known for their research funding and being open to the latest innovations in education; therefore, the school was one of the first to offer an Internet-based curriculum. Many were excited for the new online option, but some were skeptical that students would not gain the same benefits as they would in a classroom. The first Internet-based classes proved that students do gain the same education online, and there are some extra perks that come with online courses as well.


There is nothing more convenient than being able to join a class from the comfort of your own home or dorm room. Students are able to watch the lecture on their laptop on their own time and tune in when they think they will learn best. Many students are not functioning properly at 8 am, and they do not retain the same information at an early morning class as they do during other times of the day. Online courses allow students an allotted amount of time to watch the lecture and gauge when they will be able to benefit from the lecture the most.

Professors Keep Track of Attendance

UMass is a large university and there are lectures that hold a few hundred students. Many professors cannot properly gauge their attendance and truly know which students are actually present. Online courses allow for a professor to monitor who has logged in and has actually watched the lecture. This takes away the temptation for students to hit the snooze button and sleep through their class.

Easier to Study

When it is exam time, many students wish they could listen to their lectures over again, and online courses gives them the ability to listen again to the material. Along with the ability to watch lectures multiple times, students can pause the lecture in order to write all their notes. Many students complain that professors do not give them enough time to take notes on the material, and with online courses they can start and stop the lecture whenever they need to.

UMass Degree Programs

Larger Attendance

Students complain frequently that they are not able to get into a class because it filled up too quickly. This complaint is usually unheard of for online courses. With courses on the Internet, professors are allowed to have a higher attendance, so more students can get into the class of their choice. This allows students a better chance to get into pre-requisites, therefore increasing the chances of them graduating on time.

Contact With Professor

There was hesitation that online courses would hinder students from contacting their professors, but this has been proven to be far from the truth. Online courses offer a forum for students to not only engage with each other but also with their professor. Professors will still hold office hours, so students have more opportunities to communicate with them and get the academic help that they need.

Internet-based curriculum at UMass is a great educational opportunity for all students. With all the perks of online classes, the future of education will bring even more online classroom innovations.