Psychology Degree Programs

Earn your psychology degree online

As with other traditional academic disciplines, you can earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology through accredited online schools. These programs allow you to build both theoretical and practical skill sets and offer an excellent point of entry into many different career paths. Psychology graduates enjoy career opportunities in fields including education, law enforcement, social work, advertising and marketing, and many others.

The major advantage of studying psychology online is that you will enjoy unmatched flexibility during your studies. You can take courses at your own pace and set your own study schedule, which is ideal if you're seeking to improve your educational credentials while working full or part time or attending to family responsibilities.

You should consider the following important factors before enrolling in an online psychology degree program:

  • Accreditation. In the United States, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation is the nationwide body which oversees the various accreditation organizations. Check to make sure that any program you are considering is fully accredited by the CHEA before enrolling.
  • Technology. A wide range of technological tools are used in online education, and you need to be comfortable with these technologies in order to succeed in the virtual classroom. Some of the technologies you will need to be comfortable with include podcasts, wikis, instant messaging and the use of interactive online video formats.
  • Your personal objectives. This is particularly important if you are entering at the undergraduate level and plan to continue at the graduate level. If you have a particular specialization in mind, remember that you will likely not pursue it in full until you complete a foundational bachelor's degree program. Make sure that bachelor's degree program provides you with the background courses you need to specialize in a particular psychological discipline in the future.

Top Online Psychology Programs: Undergraduate

The following schools offer highly regarded, accredited undergraduate programs in psychology:

  • University of Massachusetts. The University of Massachusetts's online psychology program has won numerous prestigious awards and distinctions for its excellence.
  • Brandman University. While this program is well-regarded, you will need to have at least 12 eligible transfer credits from a traditional college to enroll.
  • Walden University. Walden offers a wide range of concentrations in topics including addiction, applied psychology, criminal psychology, child psychology and developmental psychology.
  • Grand Canyon University. An Arizona-based private school, Grand Canyon University offers many different course topics, including guidance and counseling, health psychology, human sexuality and developmental psychology.
  • Southern New Hampshire University. This school offers a highly flexible programs, and has been an accredited degree-granting institution for over 80 years. It is widely regarded as one of the best online colleges in the country.

Top Online Psychology Programs: Graduate

If you are pursuing a master's degree in psychology, the following schools offer excellent accredited programs:

  • Walden University. This student-centric program offers 14 different master's degree concentrations, including innovative offerings like terrorism and security, media psychology and cultural psychology.
  • Sacred Heart University. Sacred Heart's Master of Applied Psychology program is one of the best available online, with many courses being taught by working clinical psychologists with a passion for education.
  • Baker College. Established in 1888, Baker College is a not-for-profit school that provides affordable tuition rates and highly accessible faculty members.
  • Northcentral University. Northcentral University was the first school to offer an accredited Ph.D program in psychology.
  • California Coast University. Known for its flexible payment options, California Coast University offers a wide range of concentrations leading to master's degrees in psychology.

When considering online schools, weigh the school's reputation against costs. It's better to invest a little more in a school with a stronger reputation, especially if you plan to continue to the graduate or doctoral level.