Multimedia and Arts Programs

Online diploma programs in multimedia and arts fields

Multimedia technologies play a prominent role in many industries, as companies seek to leverage advanced Internet capabilities and interactive media to connect with customers, suppliers, partners and clients around the world. If you want to study multimedia technology online, you will typically enter a diploma program offered by an accredited school of the arts or polytechnic institute. Multimedia professionals rely on a combination of artistic capability and technical skill, which is the reason that diploma programs in web design and related multimedia fields are offered through arts schools as well as tech colleges.

Graphic design is an arts field closely related to multimedia as a whole, and many institutes of the arts offer diploma programs in this discipline. A graphic arts professional is highly trained in the aesthetics of visual presentation, offering specialized and valuable skills to marketing, advertising and branding departments as well as a wide range of businesses in the entertainment, communications and retail industries. You can earn a diploma in this concentration if you want to specialize in this exciting branch of multimedia arts.

Multimedia Programs

In a typical multimedia program, you will learn a wide range of hands-on skills that will prepare you for careers in fields including:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Product demonstration
  • Publishing
  • Interactive media
  • Education
  • Informatics

The exact courses you will take vary from program to program, but they will typically cover some or all of the following topics:

  • Introductory theory
  • Graphic design
  • Web design and development
  • Desktop video production
  • Animation (especially Flash animation)
  • Digital imaging
  • Computer graphics
  • Ecommerce
  • Programming languages

Most online multimedia diploma programs require only a high school diploma or equivalent. However, keep in mind that admissions policies are set by individual schools and may differ significantly from one school to the next. Also, you should anticipate that some multimedia training programs may require that you have prior knowledge of the field and a demonstrated level of basic competence before accepting your application. Such schools will likely request a portfolio of work samples from you as part of the application and evaluation process.

Multimedia and Arts Programs

Arts Programs

Online schools and institutes of the arts also offer a wide range of diploma and degree programs in arts-related field, as well as personal enrichment classes that allow you to pursue your interest in the arts solely for its own sake. Some of the many arts programs you can take online include:

  • Architecture
  • Art history
  • Fashion
  • Illustration
  • Interior design
  • Music production and sound design
  • Visual media

Here is how your options break down in terms of the types of programs available:

  • Diploma programs in the arts. These programs can typically be completed in one year or less, and usually do not require any kind of postsecondary schooling. They are designed for people looking to make a quick transition into a new career.
  • Degree programs in the arts. Both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide range of arts-related fields are available online. Admissions requirements vary considerably, depending on what you want to study and how much experience, if any, you already have with the subject matter.
  • Personal enrichment classes. These programs are not designed to culminate in a diploma or a degree; rather, you take these classes solely because you are interested in the topic. There are no grades and no admissions requirements, and tuition fees are very affordable. If you're looking to explore your interest in a field without committing to a diploma or degree program, this is an excellent starting point.

Find well-regarded schools in the field you're interested in by applying selective criteria to your Internet search. Always make sure that a school is properly accredited before committing to their program, or else you may find that your newly earned credentials will have limited value.