Liberty University Degree Programs

Online Learning and Liberty University

Online learning with Liberty University (LU) is available for traditional students and working professionals. There are several benefits that an online learning university can provide. Both a quality education and a more flexible lifestyle are possible with online learning.

LU Online

Liberty University has several academic programs available for the distance learner. The program has a Christian culture. The online school is accredited but offers the flexibility of a distance learning program that is completed at the learner's own pace. A working professional can choose this type of degree program and continue to work full time at a traditional employment position. There are several degrees that are offered within the faculty of Liberty University, and these offered degrees are the following:

1. The associates degree is available for those students wishing to complete a degree for a particular line or work.

2. The undergraduate degree is offered to those distance learners who want to complete a college degree.

3. The bachelor's degree is usually the college degree of choice for the distance learning on a college track.

4. The graduate certificate is awarded to each student who completes a program within the LU academic structure. A certificate can be awarded with a blended program completion. The learner may choose to combine an on-campus academic curriculum with an LU online program in order to complete the desired degree.

5. A master's degree is offered to those learners who wish to gain additional knowledge and certification beyond a college level. The LU MBA program is a popular academic choice that requires fifteen upper level semester credits in business, accounting, or economics. A student can transfer from another master's program to the MBA program after twelve credits in another master's curriculum.

Liberty University Degree Programs

6. A doctoral degree may be completed through the LU academic program. There are several majors and minors to choose from for each type of professional curriculum track.

Benefits of an Online Education With Liberty University

An online degree program can have several benefits that are not available with a traditional academic degree program. These distance learning benefits are the following:

1. Convenience and flexibility are the more critical benefits for the working professional or stay-at-home mother who wishes to complete an academic degree. The class schedules are determined by the learner, and there is a range of scheduling options to choose from. The amount of time for studying is determined by the student as well.

2. The communication with the class instructor is online. This type of communication is less expensive than costly phone messages. The classroom lessons are delivered by way of a conference meeting that is set up by the university and the students who have enrolled in that particular class.

3. Online academic programs are less expensive than the traditional ones, for the most part. Textbooks are less expensive since most studying material can be found online. There can be some upfront cost for academic materials, but this type of study material is less expensive than traditional textbooks.

Military Discounts

Military tuition discounts are available as well as technology fee waivers. Liberty University provides fund scholarships for military students. The school participates with tuition assistance, the GI bill, and veterans' benefits.


Liberty University is a Christian-based academic program that offers several distance learning degrees. The school is accredited, and each new learner is given the opportunity to structure their own learning program. A working professional or stay-at-home mother can easily complete an online program and continue with the responsibilities of a job or at-home family.