Journalism Degrees

Complete a journalism degree online

A journalism degree opens the door to a number of rewarding career paths. The proliferation of Internet-based news content has created many gainful employment opportunities for students graduating with journalism degrees, and you can also use your journalism studies as a springboard into a career in public relations. If you have a passion for news and reporting, there are many online schools offering quality programs that afford you the opportunity to build professional-level skills that are in demand with employers.

Some of the topics you will cover in your online journalism degree program include:

  • Story structure
  • Interviewing skills
  • Reporting skills
  • Multimedia skills
  • Working within tight deadlines

There are also many different specializations available in the field, including traditional print journalism, online journalism, business journalism, broadcast journalism and editorial journalism. Law and ethics are also key considerations, which will be covered in programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

During your studies, you will be asked to write feature stories, human interest stories, perform research, conduct interviews and submit essays on salient topics in the field of journalism, as assigned by your instructor. These activities will help you build the writing, editing and reporting skills you will need to succeed in your new career.

Journalism Degrees

Top Online Journalism Schools

Here is a list of online journalism schools which enjoy a strong reputation:

  • UMassOnline. The University of Massachusetts's online journalism program earns top marks for resource accessibility and career support, and it also affords students excellent opportunities to apply previously earned college credits towards their journalism degrees. This can reduce the overall amount of time it takes you to complete the program, and it also helps you reduce your costs. UMassOnline offers students access to one of the largest and best information libraries available as well.
  • Full Sail University. If you prefer an online journalism program that offers excellent faculty access, Full Sail University is a strong choice. This school earned excellent reviews from former students in terms of instructor accessibility, so if you require a more hands-on approach that prioritizes individual learning, Full Sail University's program may be a good fit for you.
  • University of Memphis. The University of Memphis's online journalism program offers outstanding value, with graduates reporting high rates of return on their educational investments. The University of Memphis also earned very strong marks in the student engagement category, which is a key metric that measures satisfaction rates among students.
  • Ashford University. If you require financial assistance, Ashford University offers its students a wide range of flexible options. Over 85 percent of the students in Ashford University's online journalism program receive financial aid from the school, which signals the institution's commitment to helping qualified students earn their degrees even if they face financial challenges.

If you have already completed an undergraduate degree, you may be eligible to earn a master's degree in a journalism field. Generally speaking, you can proceed straight into a graduate program if you already have a B.A. in a liberal arts field, such as English, sociology, political science, history or a related discipline. Typically, master's degrees in journalism can be completed in one to two years of full-time study, which helps you enter the work force more quickly and lets you avoid some of the costs associated with a three-year or four-year undergraduate degree. Diploma programs in journalism are also available from a large number of accredited institutions.

Keep in mind that each journalism school has its own admissions requirements. If you have specific questions about a given school's online journalism program, contact the school's journalism department or office of admissions. They will be the best source of definitive information regarding the school's admissions policies and procedures.