Doctorate Degree Programs

Doctorate Degree

A doctorate or a doctoral degree is a degree that represents a specialization in an educational field or doctrine. A doctorate degree can be earned in a brick-and-mortar university or it can be earned in a distance learning forum. A doctorate can be designated as a PhD, an EDD, a DVM, and many other acronyms according to the discipline studied. Earning a doctorate shows complete competency and skill in that discipline, and the recipient is qualified to teach within that discipline. A person with a doctorate earns academic respect, titles, and has a better chance at landing a well-paid job than someone with a bachelor's or master's degree.

Many working adults are turning to distance learning to earn their doctorate degree. Many have found out that an advanced degree is essential for advancement in their job. With life issues, families, and work it is sometimes hard for a working adult to find time to get that advanced degree. Distance learning allows students to work around their busy schedule and earn the degree by attending either asynchronous classes or classes that allow flexibility. Online learning has evolved to a state where it is just as rigorous and challenging as attending traditional brick-and-mortar universities. Rigor is the backbone of most higher education programs.

When looking at earning a doctorate degree in a distance or online program, one must look at what is involved. Some programs are strictly online and the student can complete the program from the privacy of their home. Some programs require residencies. Residencies are like academic boot camps. They require travel, expense, and time. Though residencies are important to strengthen concepts, they are also a place to network with fellow students and get hands on experience in team work and leadership.

An earned PhD or equivalent will allow the student to work at major universities and colleges. The recipient can use their specialization to work in areas of research or the corporate world. Many doctorate earners can also write books, technical manuals, or other specialized literature. With education comes money and opportunity. An earned doctorate degree can give you both. When looking for a degree program, you may want to look at affordability, location, the time it will take, and the accreditation of the program. Online universities vary in price and how long it will take to earn the degree. Careful planning and hard work will earn the doctorate candidate a program that fits the needs of the individual.