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Four Myths About Getting a GED or Online High School Diploma

It's that time again for students to return to school, and for some people, they're getting back in the swing of things by grabbing their high school diplomas or GEDs. With the recent onslaught of online GED offers and advertisements, it's easy to misconstrue many of the facts concerning getting a diploma or GED on the Internet. Before handing over your credit card information to just any website, familiarize yourself with some of the most common misconceptions concerning diplomas and GEDs on the Internet.

Myth 1: You Can Actually Get Your GED Online

You've probably seen the ads all over the Internet that state you can easily get your GED via the Internet in the comfort of your own home. In actuality, to actually graduate and get the certification of a GED, a person must take the authentic exam offline. Of course, there are many websites and other resources that make preparing for this test a lot more manageable, but as of right now, it is impossible to legitimately acquire a GED without taking the official exam.

If you happen to run across a website offering some sort of method for getting your GED on the Internet, leave it immediately.

Myth 2: A GED Is the Same Thing As a High School Diploma

If you're trying to choose between the diploma or the GED, it might be hard to decipher because they seem extremely similar. In fact, lots of people confuse them to be the same thing, and they eventually wind up disappointed down the line.

By most people's standards, the GED is perceived to be the equivalent to the diploma, but the academic requirements for obtaining the GED are much lower. In fact, there are many universities and employers that often choose candidates with diplomas over those with GEDs, simply because of the differing amounts of work required. If a company you're taking classes from isn't specific about whether you're preparing for a diploma or a GED, proceed with extreme caution.

Diploma Programs

Myth 3: You Can Get Your Diploma in an Extremely Short Period of Time

Steer clear of websites or other places that promise a diploma within as little as thirty minutes. Even if the website appears to be legitimate and seems to be completely authentic and safe, always remember that there is no genuine way for anyone to earn a diploma on the Internet in such a short period of time.

Any certification or diploma takes lots of hard work and dedication to legitimately earn them. It's easy to get suckered into a website that advertises a ten minute test that eventually ends with a "Congratulations" page. Below the congratulations message, you might also see a form requesting credit card information. This type of website is very obviously designed to facilitate a scam, and should be steered clear of at all costs.

Myth 4: Your Prospective School Is Guaranteed to Be Accredited

Lastly, you may feel as though you've been given the green light when you see the magic word "accredited" in relation to your online institution. However, this really doesn't say much anymore in this day and age. It might surprise you to find out that many accreditation companies will certify an educational institution if they so much as pay money for it.

Additionally, there are other common problems that people run into with schools on the Internet that claim to be accredited by respected institutions, such as a school only being "regionally" accredited, or a school lying about its accreditation altogether. Always research schools on the Internet, as well as the companies that supposedly accredited them!