Colorado State University Degree Programs

An Important College to Consider for Online Education

If you are looking to earn a degree or certificate with an online program, you should begin by looking at the Colorado State University. Their online program is called OnlinePlus and has developed an outstanding reputation in the world of online education. Their growing reputation is partly due to their faculty. The same professors that teach in an offline classroom environment also teach online.

Nationally Recognized Program

Colorado State University has become a nationally recognized institution and is now rated in the top 60 among public universities. They have become well known for a combination of high quality yet affordable education. Their online program provides this same combination quality and cost effectiveness. Among many of the features of their online program are:

  • Free online courses.
  • State of the art educational delivery methods.
  • Four year degrees.
  • Graduate degrees.
  • Certificates.


When shopping for a good online program, it is imperative that you select a school that is accredited and not just accredited by an organization no one has ever heard of. It should be one of the few professional organizations with high quality standards. There are too many schools that are only online and offer questionable quality instruction. CSU, on the other hand, is already a well-respected institution, and their online program has the highest level of accreditation possible.

Bachelor's Degrees

CSU offers a range of undergraduate programs, so you can earn the degree you want online. A Bachelor of Science degree can be earned in agricultural business, fire and emergency services administration, human development and family studies as well as psychology. CSU also offers a Liberal Arts degree program with several options for a minor.

Colorado State University Degree Programs

Graduate Degrees

The CSU graduate degree program is robust with the school currently offering nineteen different areas of study. If you already have a bachelor's degree, this is the perfect opportunity to study on your own free time to earn the degree that will help you earn more money. You may have wanted to earn a graduate degree, but didn't know how to fit it into your daily schedule. Even if you could find the time, where can you earn a degree online that will carry clout when you look for a job? CSU has the quality program and a school name that everyone recognizes. In addition, they have a program that adapts to your schedule.


Online programs are available that award a certificate to those who complete the courses. Some of these programs are designed for continuing education as in the case with veterinarian medicine, but others are geared for those looking to get the skills needed to start a career in a specific area. Examples of this are seed technology training, residential interiors, and core business competencies.

What Are the Free Online Courses?

They are called Massive Open Online Courses, and although you receive no college credit, they are completely free and available to everyone. Whether you are enrolled at CSU or not you can take these online courses. In fact, you don't even have to live in the state of Colorado. You can take online courses from wherever you are in the nation. There are no pre-requisites and your grade point average does not matter. The available courses change with new courses being developed all the time. One popular course is the Science of Relationships. This course is taught to help people with their social relationships.

What Is the Ram CT Blackboard?

This is simply the online course management system, and if you plan on enrolling for an online program, you will be using it. There is also a mobile system for your particular device with apps available.