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How to Succeed in Online Classes

College is one of the hardest parts of anyone's life, and online classes can add to this difficulty. Most people sign up for online classes thinking that it will be easy since you don't have to actually come to class, but it's not. Even though you may be worrying about getting scholarships for college because you need college financial aid, and are stressed about getting good grades and all the other worries of college, let's knock off one important aspect — how to succeed in online classes.

Understand the Work Involved

The first step to succeeding in an online college class is to understand the work that goes into it. People will usually sign up for these classes just to get out of having to do as much work to pass, but this isn't the case. In fact, it can often be even more time consuming to take an online class because you have to teach yourself a lot of the material. It's harder to ask a question to your professor because you can often have to wait several days just to get a reply. If you understand that there is a lot of work involved in online classes and don't enter one expecting to be lazy, you're on your way to success.

Keep Track of Assignments

It can often be helpful to use a calendar to keep track of all of your assignments. In class, professors will often remind you that you have an assignment coming up. With online classes, you don't have those constant reminders and have to keep track of everything yourself. Even if you think you will remember everything, it's best not to take the risk. Every day you should be thinking about what is going to be due.

Stay Ahead of the Class

It's a good habit to try and stay at least a week ahead of the class in any college class that you are taking, but this is especially easy in online classes. Most online instructors will post several weeks, or even full quarters, worth of assignments ahead of time. Take advantage of this by studying ahead and keeping ahead of the class. You will never have to worry about turning assignments in late and may pick up on some stuff that could help with a test.

Set Time Apart

You should set time apart to either study or work on homework each day. If you have a daily habit of doing this, it will be much harder to forget about a homework assignment or to just not get it finished. Make sure you understand the material that your class is working on and study each day since you won't have the class time to learn.

Don't Procrastinate

The top reason that people forget about an assignment is because they procrastinate it for so long that they completely forget about it. Missing an assignment is detrimental to your grade. It would take three A's on assignments of that same amount of points just to get a "C" average. Besides, procrastinating makes you constantly worry about that assignment, so it's much easier just to do it and get it out of the way.


While you may be worrying about your increasing college loans or whether or not you'll be getting scholarships for college, you shouldn't have to stress about online classes. They are easy if you take the right approach and don't plan on being lazy and still obtaining a good grade. Use the system to your advantage and stay ahead of the class, and most importantly, turn in each assignment on time!