Champlain College Certificate & Degree Programs

What Prospective Students Need to Know About Programs at Vermont's Champlain College

Rated by the 2014 Princeton Review as the top up-and-comer in the United States, Champlain College is a solid choice for students who are looking for a traditional private school with emphasis on career-driven coursework. Founded back in 1878 and now offering over thirty undergraduate degree programs on campus, Champlain remains a relatively small college that prides itself on treating all students with the individualized attention they need to live up to their highest potential in today's highly competitive job market.

Facts About Undergraduate Courses on the Champlain College Campus

  • Champlain offers many different majors and minors that can be mixed and combined to create personalized programs that prepare students for starting successful careers in specialized markets and in-demand industries.
  • Majors are available in four major academic divisions that include business, communications and creative media, education and human studies, information technology, and science.
  • Champlain allows students to take as many as six classes in their major during their first year of school to learn new professional skills and create resumes that are more appealing to employers. The program, known as the upside-down curriculum, is designed for students who are ready to start their new careers as soon as possible.

Online Programs at Champlain College

In addition to a strong selection of traditional undergraduate programs, Champlain College offers a variety of nationally ranked online programs. Online classes are offered as bachelor's degree programs, graduate studies, and certification courses. Designed for students who need around-the-clock access to course materials and flexible class hours, Champlain's bachelor's degree programs are fully available online in convenient seven week sessions.

Students who want to complete a four-year degree without visiting the school's campus can choose from programs that range from accounting to software development. Business, cyber security, computer science, and healthcare are the only four areas of study that are available for undergraduate students with a strong interest in distance learning. Besides accounting and software development, specific degrees within those areas include business management, integrated studies, web design, and health information technology.

Champlain College Certificate & Degree Programs

Unlike other schools that offer a limited selection of full online classes for graduate students, all of the graduate programs at Champlain College are available exclusively on the Internet. Graduate students can currently choose from ten different master's degree programs in topics as varied as early childhood education and digital forensic management. Each online course within Champlain's graduate degree programs offers a strong syllabus, innovate learning tools, and an open discussion forum between the students and their professor.

For students who want to add a new credential to their degrees or complete fast training for a specialized position, Champlain College offers a number of online certificate programs in business, healthcare, cyber security and computer science. While the school's certification courses appear to be similar to the bachelor's degree programs, they are shorter and more focused. Students who complete online certification programs at Champlain may be able to use them as credits toward their four-year degrees in the future. PATHe, Champlain's online degree completion consultant, can help students learn more about transferring credits through certificate programs and academic testing.

Applying to Programs at Champlain College

Champlain College's admission requirements vary depending on the department, program, and area of study. Detailed information about application requirements for different courses is available online. Students who are specifically interested in taking one of Champlain's online courses can apply to their program of interest by sending in an online application. Students who want to pursue a traditional four-year degree program can also apply online, but they need to follow stricter deadlines and different admission procedures.