Business Degree Programs

A guide to online business schools

Not all online business schools are made equal, and in this highly competitive field, you need every advantage you can get. Thus, it is particularly important that you choose a well-regarded online business school in order to maximize your career potential. As with other online programs, you should begin by making sure the school you're considering is accredited, which means that is an officially recognized degree-granting institution. Then, evaluate the school's reputation, its modes of course delivery, instructor credentials and accessibility, and career support services. You want to choose an online business school that not only offers a quality education, but also goes the extra mile to help you land a great job once you graduate.

Top 10 Online Business Schools

If you are looking to enroll in one of the top online business schools in the country, here is a list of ten schools that merit close consideration:

  • University of Florida. In addition to outstanding theory-based business courses, the University of Florida's online business program also offers excellent professional development training and comprehensive career placement and support services.
  • Walden University. Walden offers online business programs from the bachelor's degree level all the way up to the doctorate degree level. Small business marketing, accounting, finance, international business, and human resource management are among the available specializations.
  • Kaplan University. If you are looking for an online business program with a strong focus on accounting and mathematics, Kaplan University's options are among the best available.
  • Strayer University. Affordable and flexible, Strayer University's online business programs are available in a broad range of concentrations, including banking and finance, international commerce, project management, marketing management, entrepreneurship, health services administration, and more.
  • Ashford University. This affordable online business program is an excellent choice for students looking to develop their collaborative skills and their leadership skills, as Ashford zeroes in on these important areas as part of its educational approach.
  • Central Michigan University. Accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, Central Michigan University's Master of Business Administration (MBA) online program is considered one of the best Internet-based MBA programs in the United States.
  • Arkansas State University-Jonesboro. This well-regarded school is one of the best overall choices available to students. If you are a resident of Arkansas, you can also take advantage of deeply discounted tuition rates.
  • Post University. Post University's Malcolm School of Business offers a comprehensive range of online business programs, leading to varied career paths in fields including customer relations, training management, human resources, operations management and more.
  • Capella University. Capella University offers one of the most affordable online business programs available, and students get a long of bang for their proverbial buck. It has a strong focus on program flexibility, and its pedagogical approach is designed to enable students to apply their existing skills to the world of business.
  • Temple University. If you're looking for good value in an online MBA program, Temple University is consistently ranked as one of the top available options. The school is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and offers excellent instructor-to-student ratios.
Business Degree Programs

You'll notice a lack of traditional heavyweights, such as Wharton and Harvard Business School, in the list. The schools in the list are renowned specifically for their online offerings, and the rankings do not account for the quality of the school's traditional business programs.

Keep in mind that if you are pursuing a specialized type of business degree, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA), you should perform additional research into programs specific to that specialization. The above list is an overall consensus compiled from various ranking sources, including business journals and publications as well as the U.S. News and World Reports.