Boston University Degree Programs

Online Learning With Boston University

Boston University (BU) offers online learning programs for undergraduate students, master's degree students, doctoral learners, certificate programs, and single coursework options. Online learning can provide a flexible schedule for today's busy lifestyles. A quality education and the convenience of a more flexible schedule for classroom learning are offered through an accredited online instructional program with Boston University.

BU Online

A sample survey from students who completed online courses and programs with Boston University notes that the following advantages are available with this type of learning program:

1. Boston University has a traditional campus in two locations within the Boston area. This city is part of the important history of the U.S. Boston University, founded in 1871, as one of the first all-inclusive universities as well as a leading university for private research.

2. BU online is an extension of the traditional Boston University and is accredited.

3. There are several online programs that are available to those applicants who wish to study here. These programs include an undergraduate online program, a popular master's degree series of options, and a doctoral level option online as well.

4. Single courses may be completed online, and Boston University Online offers certificate programs.

Master's Degrees Online

There are several popular master's degrees available online through the extension program with Boston University and the online faculty. These master's programs include the following:

1. A masters in insurance studies is offered to those students who wish to pursue a career in this emerging field of study.

2. A master's degree in security and risk is offered for those business students who are focusing on the legal aspects of company management.

3. A human resources degree is available at this level for those applicants who are on a corporate personnel track, for example.

4. Project management is taught at this level. Engineering projects and other business interests often requires an advanced degree or specialized training.

5. Banking and finance are taught at this level. The world economy has seen a degree of change that is unprecedented. A master's in banking and finance can help to prepare the new banker or finance officer for this world of change.

6. International marketing has become a budding industry that needs specialized training as well.

Boston University Degree Programs

Music Education Online at BU

Boston University has an online music program that offers a master's of music in education and a doctor of musical arts in music education. BU is the oldest degree granting music program in the U.S.

Choosing Boston University Online

Boston University Online has several advantages, and these advantages are the following:

1. A graduate of a BU online program is employable. Boston University has one of the top rankings in the U.S. for quality of education.

2. The programs are accredited. This qualification is often an important requirement for many companies that wish to employ workers with a particular degree.

3. An accelerated study program is available for those students who wish to complete a program quickly. A job can be waiting for this type of applicant, or an employer may need a particular certification within a period of time.


Online learning with Boston University (BU) is available. BU online offers competitive cost and assistance for those students with a busy lifestyle. The faculty is diverse, and the resources for each student are world class. No GRE is required for those music students wishing to pursue an online music degree at the master's level. Boston University brick-and-mortar campuses are located in the heart of Boston and have programs around the world.