Advanced Mathematics Degrees

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Studying mathematics at the postsecondary level opens the door to a wide range of career options, including career paths in the worlds of education, engineering, finance, and more. Of the traditional academic disciplines, mathematics translates to the world of online education particularly well, since it is a highly theoretical subject area that relies on a highly specific methodology. Video and interactive tutorials are excellent for demonstrating mathematical concepts, and it is very easy for instructors to assess and evaluate student work online.

When you are researching your options for online mathematics programs, you should evaluate the various schools according to the following criteria:

  • Value. Here, you're looking for a good balance of affordable tuition and instructional quality. Don't look just at the cost of tuition; instead, look at what you get for the money you invest in your education.
  • Flexibility. To what degree are you able to customize your study schedule and course load? This is an important consideration if you have work or family responsibilities to balance with your studies.
  • Technology and learning support. What technologies are used in your courses, and do students get access to a broad range of learning support services, such as digital libraries and outside resources?
  • Faculty-to-class-size ratios. The fewer students there are in a class, the more opportunity you will have for individualized and one-on-one instruction.
  • Career support. What kind of assistance does the school offer its graduates in terms of job searches and career placement?

With those criteria in mind, let's take a closer look at some of the top online advanced mathematics programs available.

Advanced Mathematics Degrees

Top Online Math Programs

The following schools offer highly regarded online programs in advanced mathematics:

State University of New York-Empire State College. A

  • Mercy College. Mercy College ranks very highly in two key categories: faculty accessibility and alumni engagement. If you're looking for an advanced online mathematics program yet you still want to feel as though you're part of a student community, Mercy College has a great deal to offer. Its instructors are highly engaged with their students, and the school offers regular alumni networking opportunities.
  • Ottawa University. If you are looking to apply previously earned college credits towards your online mathematics program, Ottawa University offers one of the most generous transfer credit policies of any online math program. They provide excellent opportunities for students looking to transition from traditional to online studies.
  • University of Illinois-Springfield. The University of Illinois-Springfield's online advanced mathematics program earns high marks for flexibility, career support, and its learning technologies. It also offers an excellent financial assistance program to students who need help meeting the costs of their education, while providing small class sizes and excellent instructors. This advanced mathematics program is widely considered to be one of the best, from a comprehensive point of view.
  • Southern New Hampshire University. This private, not-for-profit school is renowned for offering outstanding value to its students. Its tuition fees are very affordable, and its students post return on investment rates that far exceed national averages.

Keep in mind that there are many excellent online mathematics programs available. The schools in this list provide a good starting point for your research, and you should always thoroughly investigate any school you're considering to find the right balance of affordability, class size and instructional excellence. Whenever possible, you should connect with recent graduates of any online math program you're considering. You can perform this research via an online search, or by contacting the school to see if they can put you in touch with someone who completed the program. Then, you can ask any questions you may have and get answers from a student's point of view.